Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Trust me on this: Go to and watch the first film (it's Number 1 of 7.)

I'll try and get my hands on a higher quality version of it -- the one they've put up is amazingly low rez, and it was filmed in HD, so there's no excuse -- but I think you'll like it.


And I thought I had posted about this, but perhaps I only dreamed it: tells of the biggest and the best CORALINE exhibition out there. Well, that I know of... It's at the San Francisco Cartoon art Museum, and it will run January 24 – February 15, 2009:

The Cartoon Art Museum proudly presents original works of art from the feature film CORALINE, produced by LAIKA, the Portland-based animation studio owned by Nike co-founder and Chairman Philip H. Knight, and released by Focus Features on February 6, 2009. The exhibition features drawings, storyboards, puppets, sets, costumes and more from this groundbreaking movie, the first ever stop-motion animated film to be shot in 3D. In stop-motion animation, everything seen on screen actually exists in the real world, as opposed to computer-generated animation. This exhibit includes almost 80 pieces from the extraordinary world of Coraline, created by a team of over 300 artists bringing to life the vision of the world’s foremost stop-motion animation director, Henry Selick.

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