Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Two tee shirts, a party invitation and talking fish

A CBLDF T-shirt. You can buy it and wear it. It will love you and tell the world that you like the First Amendment.

A deluge of mail this morning. So far there's about 300 messages saying "Yes, thank you," and "Oh. I get it," and precisely one chiding me for defending the distasteful and saying he 'agreed with Jess' (and after a brief exchange of emails, of the kind where it became apparent we were saying the same thing, the author mentioned "By the way, I also donated to the CBLDF after your blog post. ;-)" And he's in Australia.). Ms Jess wrote back to say "Thank you," and, "...donate I will. Believe it or not, I actually own Lost Girls, and plenty of other things that could've, at one point, gotten me bitten by obscenity law... I needed an external prod, and you helped. Off I go to donate..." Which made me happy.

The CBLDF website is at You can buy a basic membership here, or go and explore the things that they'll give you if you make a donation. Signed Frank Miller books make great gifts. They have books signed by me as well. Also Prints, and tee shirts...

A CBLDF Party invitation. I've never really been sure about that logo myself.

...and, I've just realised, a party. If you're in New York on Friday night (the 5th), you could go. There will be comics people there. Door prizes. Talking fish. Giveaway gift bags. It's at the Village Pourhouse in NYC on 64 3rd Ave at 11th Street, and is free for all current year CBLDF members.

Another CBLDF tee shirt. It has Hellboy on it. Mike Mignola drew it. It is for sale. Wear this tee shirt and you will be King or possibly Queen of Awesomeness.

There are Entertainment Weekly photographers out here at the house. I thought they were shooting my work spaces, but they seem to want me in the photos, so a handful of links and then I will run out and be photographed:

Sandman's Twentieth Anniversary.

The LA Times interviews me starting at
continuing at

And there's a little interview at


There. Photos done. I was just handed a reissue of the Vertigo Tarot, celebrating Sandman's 20th, and was pleased, on checking, to discover that the cards were finally on heavier stock... (People have been complaining for fourteen years that their cards crumpled and faded with use.)

The Daily Telegraph lists the Graveyard Book audiobook on their list of Christmas Audiobooks, and it says "should raise Gaiman from cult to classic status" which gave me pause. I think I like being a cult author. Classic authors should be older than I am, and wiser, and on-top of all their deadlines. The Graveyard Book gets a gift-giving plug on the YALSA blog as well, which is good, because we love librarians here.

PS: Hunting Season is over. The headline on the local paper told of three different houses shot by hunters. Houses. So as of today, the orange cape is off, and my dog looks less like Krypto.

The bandolier of blue lights is snow.