Thursday, December 04, 2008

Short, tired, trout-filled post...

So yesterday I flew down to Chicago to see the Amanda Palmer show. It was wonderful. I was going to sign for people with Amanda afterwards, but a deadline was growling at my heels so I nipped back onto the tour bus and wrote something for the Independent on Sunday that was meant to be a Christmas Ghost story, but the ghost story I was writing was so damned depressing I decided to leave it for another time and wrote something about being being a little Jewish kid lobbying my parents for a Christmas Tree instead. The deadline was five in the morning (my time, 11.00 am London time)and it was done by one in the morning.

I rode the tourbus home from Chicago.

When I woke, there was an email from the editor in London saying she'd accepted it. I was thrilled and then I panicked -- what if my parents thought it was libellous? I sent it to my Dad, and got a message back saying he thought it was funny.

Took Amanda, Zoe Keating and half the Danger Ensemble, and the dog to a trout farm. Ate too much trout, cooked wrapped in newspaper, later in the evening. All's good. I'm tired but well fed and happy...

I'll try and do a catch up blog post soon, answering questions and such. In the meantime, I just want to say the best thing about being on the Horn Book's BEST OF THE YEAR list is the company I get to keep. It's good to be on a list with Margo Lanagan and Terry Pratchett...

And Barnes and Noble has me talking about three of my favourite children's book up at, while the last part of the LA Times interview is up at

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