Sunday, December 14, 2008

A twittery sort of a Sunday...

So far I've resisted the siren lure of Twitter, but today was a very twittery sort of day:

NEIL has decided to hand in his Mini Convertible and get a Mini Clubman instead, and blames the dog.

NEIL (inspired by this) took Maddy (age 14 and a few months) for her first driving lesson today, up and down the drive, and taught her how to drive and how to reverse, in the Mini and in the 4-Runner, and we had fun.

NEIL cannot believe how it went from warm, wet and raining onto snow this morning down to the bitter minuses in the afternoon, and now the world is covered with ice.

NEIL really hopes they roll out an update that gets Google Maps working again on his G1 soon.

NEIL has just discovered that Momus is giving away his Creation era albums as MP3s via his LiveJournal (

NEIL is discovering that he really likes Chrome. Except for the badly-placed close tab Xs, which seem to mean I'm always closing tabs I wanted to click on.

NEIL thinks is dead cool.

NEIL is more delighted than he can possibly say that The Graveyard Book is on so many Best of the Year Lists (and has decided not to link to them any more because it looks like I'm swanking). (Not this.)(Or even this.)

NEIL thinks that this* would have been the world's greatest Christmas song, if the Dalek voice had actually sounded like a Dalek, and if the song wasn't, you know, on every level, crap.

One of those sorts of days...

*song replaced with YouTube link (now fixed), due to bandwidth issues.

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