Saturday, December 13, 2008

three photos

So normally, when I post photos, I weed out ones in which I don't look particularly cool. No chance of that here.  I am not cool on a level that actually drains cool from the photograph. I was 24, it was 1985, I had a grey leather jacket and a white tee shirt and I look so gawky it's almost sweet. I think I was trying out my "I shall grow facial hair and look like I write Science Fiction and thus blend in with real writers," look. 

It's the Milford SF writers workshop, in Milford on Sea, at which I learned so much

From Left to Right, Colin Greenland, me, Dave Garnett, Rachel Pollack, Garry Kilworth, Paul Kincaid, Sue Thomason, Gwyneth Jones, Alex Stewart (AKA Sandy Mitchell), John Clute, and the late Richard Cowper (real name John Middleton Murry). The photographer was Lisa Tuttle. (Sue Thomason describes that Milford here.)

And a couple of curiosities -- I took these photos in August 1989, of my then-office in our flat in Nutley, Sussex as reference for Kelley Jones for Sandman 17, of what a writer's office would look like, for Ric Madoc's office in "Calliope". This is where Sandman was written until I moved to the US (somewhere early in Brief Lives).

I glance up from where I'm typing this, and I can see the Bill Sienkiewicz Judge Dredd cover still -- it's the scary pink face. Groucho now lives in my bedroom.

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