Saturday, December 27, 2008

Small car post

When I mentioned that I was planning to get a Mini Clubman instead of a convertible, so I could move the dog around in it, I got this reply from a reader out there,

Don't blame the dog!!! My Great Dane LOVES my Mini convertible, and there's nothing like a big white dog head looking calmly around from the little blue car :)

Apparently Mini is coming out with a crossover next year, and we're going to look at that as an enclosed dog-transporting vehicle when it comes around.

...which just made me look out of the window at the ice and snow, and wonder when the temperature would get up to around freezing again. Once it gets up to freezing around here you can drive around with a car filled with twelve year old girls, with the top down and the heaters blasting if they all wear coats. I did it once at the request of Maddy and her friends, so I know.

But driving around at minus 10 with the top down would be a poor thing to do, to a dog or a driver.

Which is why today (almost exactly three years after getting it) I traded in my Mini Convertible for a Mini Clubman, and bade goodbye to the wild driving-with-the-top-down-for-three-weeks-in-the-middle-of-the-Midwestern- summer-when-it-wasn't-raining days of my youth.