Sunday, December 28, 2008

The in-between-days

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special with the kids on Boxing Day. I liked it, but kept expecting it to turn a corner and for me to love it, which it, and I, never did. Possibly because the clanky high tech Cybermen have no hold on my heart in the way the silent bacofoil ones did and do, and possibly because of spoilery reasons having to do with never really buying the David Morrisey plot to begin with. Loved the moments of David Tennant-as-companion though, and that Miss Hartigan can come to my funeral in a red dress any time she wishes.

The sun is out. The sky is blue. It's still a couple of degrees below freezing. Bugger. Let's see. A couple of Christmas Day photos -- here's one of me and my small but significant daughter collection. Yes, I have Christmas morning bed-hair, and yes, I am wearing my Christmas Sweater with the black Christmas trees on it.

I've left the hunting-season collar on Cabal because sometimes he vanishes in the snow, and  a flash of orange is useful.


Over at Peter Murphy writes about the year's books, and then writes about The Graveyard Book, along with  bits of the interview he did with me in Dublin that were never used.

Which reminds me, the Subterranean Press edition should be shipping in a few weeks. I can't wait to see a finished copy.

(And, of course, for those of you who were hoping to get a copy for Christmas but were given cake or jewellery instead, the regular US edition of The Graveyard Book is available from, or from independent bookshops via, or from DreamHaven's site at -- where they have some copies I signed the last time I was in, and where Greg managed to get some more first printings.

And, of course, the whole book is still up for free at


For those of you who worry about the blog getting Coraline-the-movied-out, there's only thirty-six days to go until the film comes out in the US. Then there will probably be a week or two where I blog about how it's doing, and then it will recede into the background, as is the way of all things.

In the meantime, expect updates -- mostly because I'm really enjoying what henry and his team are doing to promote the film: is the YouTube channel for all the Coraline mini-films released so far, where you can watch how things are made, built and knitted. (I was half-amused and half-appalled to see people on the imdb Coraline chat forum and on the Aint it cool talkback thingummy confidently explaining, as if they knew what they were talking about, that this was actually cunningly disguised to look like stop motion CGI, or that Henry Selick had used computers to do the inbetweening, or something, while occasionally people who had actually worked on Coraline would go "No, it was all done by hand," and were mostly ignored in the squalling democracy of the internet. What's nice about the little films is that you can see how it's done; and it's done by people making things and moving them, a little bit at a time.)

More stuff keeps showing up at -- it occasionally doesn't load for me, or gets stuck, but refreshing it seems to take care of that.

I loved the posters available for download  in the living room. This is one of them. Click on it to see it full size.

Do not forget to button your eyes.

And one of the characters now has a blog.


good afternoon,
i just saw this posted online and thought you would like the link,0,7701196.story

loved the graveyard book. i have it lent out right now to a coworker who is loving it.


Thanks so much! It's also up at with a photo of me sitting on a windowsill looking like I am having my photo taken on a windowsill.

Right. Back to work.

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