Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You could also try BUTTONEYES

There. After a few days of mostly sleeping I'm alive again, although I feel a bit like someone took a glue gun to my lungs. I just threw a whole peeled lemon, a dried cayenne pepper from the garden, some honey and hot water in a blender, and drank it all down, and I think it helped.

Nothing exciting to report, or rather, I cannot remember any of the things I'd planned to write once I had a brain again.

The auction has eleven hours to go. Right now you can have afternoon tea with me for eleven hundred dollars. I suspect that if there's no way that you can make it to New York, and are prepared to wait, the tea could be made to happen somewhere else.

Coraline was all over USA Today yesterday, which was nice. My only concern is that the images that are getting out all look really sweet, and not creepy... I liked The Other Mother and the Omelette though. gives you the gallery. (The omelette one is the third.)

On the other hand, (and ) have both got spookier, and have strange and marvellous little films up. With keys to access... one of which I found at (Yes, I suppose I could just have called Focus and asked, but how much fun would that have been? Also I'd feel guilty about posting the info here if I did.)

Hi Neil! I'm a huge fan with 2 quick questions.

Absolute Sandman Vol 1 appears to be sold out on Amazon and Chapters / Indigo with no mention of availability. Is there going to be another printing soon or should I be desperately searching bookstores for a copy before it's gone forever?

On a related note, are there any plans to release an Absolute Absolute Sandman containing all 4 volumes, with any special content?

Thanks so much! Love your books, love your blog!

I checked, and when you wrote this Absolute Sandman #1 was indeed out of stock everywhere. But before I could write to people and ask, it was already back in print and back up on Amazon. (This is the link) (I notice it's now at full price, not 37% off, like the others, which may well mean that once they sell out of the first printings of Absolutes they'll stop discounting them. Which, if you're putting off buying them for the future, might make a difference.)

(And in the half hour between my checking it was there and now it's already gone Temporarily Out Of Stock at Amazon. I assume they didn't order enough to cope with back orders.)

There are definitely no plans to ever do one 2500 page book. (I feel guilty enough watching people carrying two of the Absolutes in signing lines: a 36 lb book would just be wrong.) However, I can assure you that the Sandman and Death bookends are heavy enough to cope with holding the Absolutes in place. (I'm using mine for other books, but they're definitely working bookends, not ornaments.)

(And brain has trickled back enough to remind me to post this: -- and to send my best wishes to Carla and Lance for a speedy recovery.)


Stop Press: My assistant Lorraine just walked into the office with a G1 phone, for me to play with...

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