Monday, November 17, 2008

tea for two (or three, I suppose)

I'm sleeping a lot, coughing a bit, sleeping a bit more. During the waking bit I'm mostly listening to Radio 7 or podcasts, and the best podcasts are from The Moth, the storytelling thingummy based in New York I discovered last year shortly before I found myself on a stage telling the story of how I got home from Hamburg in 1977.

(A quick search found it up on the web at

Anyway, the Moth is a marvellous thing, and needs to be supported. Tomorrow night is the annual Moth Ball. You can read all about it at .
If you're in New York, you could go. It is hosted by

John Turturro


Garrison Keillor

and Salman Rushdie will be getting an award. It looks like a marvellous evening of storytelling. There will be wonders and things in a silent auction as well.

And then, in conjunction with the ball, there's an online auction, to support the Moth. Nine things are up for auction.

One of them is me.

Not literally. I mean, you don't get to keep me.

It's afternoon tea. At The Players Club.

Here's the link to the auction:

Enjoy Afternoon Tea with Neil Gaiman at The Players in Gramercy Park

There's two days to go on the auction -- it ends at Nov. 19, 2008 at 11:59 PM EST. Right now you can get afternoon tea with me for a bid over $350.

I hope whoever wins it is nice.

[Edit to add:
Hi Neil,

I am seriously considering bidding on the afternoon tea at the Players in Gramercy Park, and I was curious as to when this event would occur, to make sure I can attend (and not be out of the country due to work). Perhaps I'm blind, but I didn't see it indicated in the auction. Help?


P.S: I'm fairly confident that I'm a nice person, and can probably even get a few friends to vouch for me!

That's because the actual when-it-happens of it all is something that will get figured out between the winning bidder and me, and depend on where they are and where I am. The idea is to be able to make it work for whoever bids.]

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