Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pickles and Pears

The performance on Saturday Night was fascinating. I hadn't been to the rehearsal, so had no idea what to expect. Essentially, it was eight excellent voice actors (I'd credit them all here, but I didn't grab a programme) performing on each side of the stage while the panels appeared on a large screen. They did "Three Septembers and a January" (the Emperor Norton story) and "The Golden Boy" (The Prez story), and did them extremely well. It made me wonder what it would be like to try and do a bigger story in that format-- "The Doll's House", or "A Game of You", perhaps. Not sure that everything worked but most of it did, and the stuff that didn't work is fixable...

And on Sunday morning I slept until I woke up. Which was a wonderful, happy-making thing.


Argh. And that was as far as I got on this yesterday (Sunday).

So the best bit was Chip Kidd interviewing me at the 92nd St Y. Best interview ever -- partly because it was the very last thing of the tour (hurrah) and partly because Chip is a brilliant interviewer. He's funny and smart and makes a comfortable space to talk in -- I'm not sure how to explain it beyond that. If you're a TV network looking for an interviewer, you should hire Chip Kidd. (

And then was a signing that went on for a very long time, but again, the knowledge that it was the last one of the tour kept me going -- and everyone was so extremely nice... but I was sort of trashed by the end, and very happy this is now over.

My Nokia N73 started randomly turning itself off last week. It now seems to have more or less given up the ghost. When I get home I'll try updating the software, but I think it's definitely New Phone time. (Hoping that the G1 that Google offered to send is waiting for me when I get home tonight...)

So thank you all so much for all the Birthday Wishes -- all the individual ones, and the ones at

And before the end of my birthday, I will get home. Hurrah.

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