Wednesday, November 12, 2008

looks around blearily...

I got home half an hour after my birthday was done. Spent yesterday mostly sleeping -- at least, I remember nothing about yesterday other than the moment I looked out of the window and realised it must have been snowing for a while and I hadn't noticed, and watching Sarah Jane Adventures with Maddy, and saying the dialogue a few seconds before the characters did, with the right intonation and everything, which left her suspicious that I'd seen the episode before and left me explaining that, no, I just knew how they went.

I have oodles of links to post and tabs that need closing, but I think I'll save that for a post later tonight, and now take the dog for a walk in the snow: I realised, this morning (at the Dentist's, being fitted for a new sleep apnea mouth-thingummy) that I've been on the road since July, and that my exhaustion is my own silly fault, and that Next Year, except where unavoidable, or where already committed, I will stay in one place more or less and write.

Miriam Berkley ( found some photos she took of me back when Sandman started. Sometimes it doesn't seem like twenty years since the first issue of Sandman came out. And then I see a photo of me at just-28, and it does, every minute and every year of it.

(Me, twenty years ago, wearing the first of a long line of black leather jackets.)

Ever since the Compleat Death was announced, people have been writing in wondering why it wasn't an Absolute Edition. People really like the Absolute Sandmans (and I was reading through Absolute Sandman Volume 4 last night, and being really impressed by the size and detail -- particularly on reproduction of the Michael Zulli pencils in The Wake, which are remarkable -- and I could really see why). And, because people kept writing in to me and asking about it, I started wondering why we'd have an edition that would be a different size and shape again from the Absolutes. Recently I talked to people at DC about it (especially as, following the critical and commercial success of the Absolute Sandmans, it was becoming apparent to them that it might make sense to keep these things in the same format) and, at the last possible moment, Paul Levitz came down on the side of keeping the editions consistent and keeping me -- and, I hope, you -- happier (thank you Paul). So, no Compleat Death in March. But there will be an Absolute Death later in the year...

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