Sunday, October 05, 2008

talking crow

Kepler's did a lovely job yesterday -- about 600 people, or more at the reading, on a stage with a stuffed crow on it, along with gravestones and an armchair. Some problems with the sound at the start of the reading (which for the most part you can't hear, because the readings are being separately recorded with a wireless microphone), and I discovered I wasn't really comfortable reading in a chair, or at least, it took me much longer to get comfortable. Right now this is the whole of Chapter Five, and the Interlude that follows it, but I think we may break out the interlude as its own chapter... is last night's reading.

I got an almost full night's sleep last night, which is a wonderful thing at this point in the tour, and the first for many days. Although in about a minute Elyse from Harper Collins will knock on my hotel room door and tell me it's time for me to go down to the independent book retailer breakfast at which I am going to be talking.

People shouldn't talk at breakfast. Well, not apart from "Pass the marmalade", anyway.

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