Saturday, October 04, 2008

if this is saturday I must be in the bay area

I'm posting this in the back of Booksmith's on the Haight, to tell you that the Booksmith event tomorrow is SOLD OUT. If you were hoping to go, but you don't have tickets, there aren't any more. Come to the Kepler's event tonight (saturday) instead: for details. (It's also a free event and seats 950 people.)

So it's Palo Alto Saturday evening, San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, Santa Monica on Monday evening, Boulder on Tuesday and then Minneapolis on Wednesday. So far all of the events have been full, but none of them had got to the turning people away point (last night in Seattle we had about 850 people in a church that held 900).

Seattle was great. For the first time on the tour I felt like everything was really working, even though the chapter was the longest of all of them. You can watch it at

A very late, very short, dinner with Neal Stephenson, who had just finished his tour for Anathem.

Michael Swanwick is a brilliant writer of fiction and of non-fiction, and he talks about the event a few nights ago in Philadelphia at: (with a great Kyle Cassidy photo of me, Michael and famed editor Gardner Dozois).

And here's the embedded reading of Chapter Four, "The Witch's Headstone"...

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