Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we could be happy underground

I don't want to turn this blog into the Jerry Goblin Blogathon or anything, but 24 hours after the last post went up we had already raised $1,000! That's quite a feat, and nearly a fourth of the way there. As of this writing, 48 hours later, things have slowed a bit but we have raised $1,250 in total.

If those of you with blogs could be so kind as to re-blog this, wider attention should help keep the momentum up. (Oooh, and as soon as I wrote that, a mention in Pop Candy! Thanks, Whitney!)

Jacqui writes to say:
I was thinking that if the anteater is a girl, we should call it Coraline or Coraline Gaiman. It fits in with the release of the movie. Good for branding.

An excellent point! We shall have to vote on a male and a female name in order to cover all of our anteater bases.

The ever-Fabulous Lorraine has grown a carrot with vegetable identity disorder (VID).

Between this and the devil tomato, you have to wonder what unholy energeries are trapped in Mr. G's soil. Was an Old One summoned on the spot where his garden now sits? Does his house sit over a Hellmouth?

And now for your daily tab closings:

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