Monday, July 02, 2007

Maddy is so marvelous, masterly, mind-blowing, miraculous, and magnificent. Also modest.

Hey! It’s Maddy. I’m sure you could have figured that out by now. So today we filmed one of the first sequences in the film, which was very exciting! It had a whole different feel from the rest of the movie and that was kind of nice. Variety is the spice of life! (That’s what my 6th grade English teacher always said.) There was an almost two minute shot without a cut. That is unusual from what I have seen so far… but it was a really cool little bit.

If you’ve seen the first Hellboy you know that he likes cats. There is this scene in Hellboy’s bedroom where they needed about 75 cats to make it perfect. Filming for that part was over last week, but there are still two or three cats that that escaped and are still wandering around the set. The animal handler is trying to round them all up.

Today Javier, (refer to yesterday’s post, he does the DVD bonus features on Disc 2), interviewed me for the DVD! It was pretty awesome, but I totally look weird on camera. You will all just have to buy the DVD to find out what it’s like! I think it comes out in like December 2008 or something. Geez, I am surely getting some good publicity for this movie! No doubt about that… I totally think many people should thank me. ☺

I would just like to point out that Maddy is the most marvelous, masterly, mind-blowing, miraculous, magnificent person I know. She is also modest.

Um, for some strange reason Dad would like me to tell you that his bees are swarming. I do not really understand the way his mind works. Oh well, you should check it out.

Talk to ya'll lata skatas!

--Marvelous, masterly, mind-blowing, miraculous, magnificent Maddy.