Sunday, July 01, 2007

Grr... the title is my least favorite part!!

Well howdy doody! This would be Maddy Gaiman. Dad did the last blog post… wasn’t it boring compared to me though? I sure thought so. With that said, I bet that there are people out there that think I’m weird and can’t wait for him to get back. How sad! Well yesterday, dad had some interviews with local people here at the hotel, and then we went out and had yummy food for lunch. For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant and were joined by the unit publicist for Hellboy 2, and the guy that does the bonus features and all that jazz on the DVD. (His name is Javier and he’s pretty much the coolest person I have ever heard of plus you will be hearing more of him tomorrow.)

Today we went out and walked around Budapest with Doug Jones and it was the first time I have seen him without all of his Abe make-up on! Like whoa, crazy talk! We walked from our hotel to Margaret Island (which my dad kept calling Madeleine Island on accident), and back, which was about a five mile walk. While on Margaret Island, I was thirsty, and we came upon this little table with a lot of random food and drinks on it. Dad noticed the cereal on it and figured out that it was a Craft service table like they have on movie sets. All of a sudden we saw this guy with his hair all slicked back in a suit and an overcoat, which was quite unusual since it was pretty hot out today. After looking at the man Doug realized it was Viggo Mortensen! Sure enough, right after he had figured that out we saw make-up people, and trailers with a lot of equipment in them so obviously he was there filming a movie! (To make sure I wasn’t telling you false information I checked on IMDB just now and apparently the movie they are filming is called “Good,” and down at the bottom it says Filming Location: Budapest, Hungary!)

So after we got off Margaret Island we came across this little outdoor market thingie on the chain bridge, and Dad got me a pretty ring! Joy!

Madeleine looking thoughtful, so you can see her ring.

Well that’s all (for now) folks! ☺

--Maddy G-Dawg

P.S. My dad forwarded me this message: "Just wanted you to know, Mr. Gaiman:
hope it amuses you as much as it does others." I like the ones with me in them.

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