Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eh bien...

Two days in Paris, ten days on the road, and today I've been interviewed and photographed, I've signed and signed and sketched and signed, and all I can think right now is how much I really really need a lie-in and a day off.

This morning I had my photograph taken in (among other places) a graveyard by photographer Phillipe Matsas, and I flashed back to GOOD OMENS, when Terry and I had our author photos taken in Kensal Green Cemetery, which meant that every second American newspaper that photographed us had arranged a trip to the local graveyard. And I thought "My next book is The Graveyard Book," and realised with a sinking feeling that too much of 2008 will be spent in graveyards trying to find an appropriate facial expression...

(The photos from this morning are © Ph. Matsas / Opale -

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