Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not quite authorised, not quite not

[Edit to add -- right now if you click on the link you'll just get an Error message, as it wasn't ready to go public and it was running too slowly and so on and has been taken offline. I'll put something up as soon as it's back. Sorry.]

[Later Edit. It seems to be back up -- give the video a chance to load before playing, though, or it will be a bit stuttery...]

I'm not quite sure how widely this is meant to be spread, but Paramount have decided to change direction on their Stardust website at Which means the website will take a bit longer to come out, and be a bit different when it does.

Meanwhile they've had a finished version of the early website ready to go for some weeks, containing a few video interviews with me, some answers to Stardust questions, Stardust wallpaper and even a do it yourself Charles Vess colouring thing (which is much too much fun). So we talked to them and they talked to us, and the webelf did webmagic, and if you just happened to click on

you might find yourself somewhere that looks very different and has Paramount copyright notices and things all over it, but is actually here on

I'm not sure how long we're going to be allowed to keep this up, so if you're interested you should probably go and play with it now, and tell anyone who might be interested that it's here.

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