Wednesday, January 31, 2007

low brow art starts here

So Dan Guy went back into his data cloud, redid it so it now only registered words that I've written on the blog, and excluded other people's questions and comments, and let me know that I've written, in the last six years of blogging, 873,905 words. (Excluding these.)

(As soon as Dan's satisfied and we've got the cloud up at I'll link to it. It's rather fun.)

People are also fiddling in back rooms to speed up the video footage on the secret Stardust site. Apparently is not currently set up to deliver streaming video in the quantity people wanted to see it.

Dennis Kitchen wrote to tell me that there's now a dedicated Will Eisner website up at, including forums and a Will Eisner Wiki.

Martin Roberts wrote to tell me you can see a video of me being gobsmacked and singularly unprepared when Anansi Boys won the August Derleth Award at (and you can also see lots of other things much more fun than me fumfing, including Joe Hill winning two awards and Pete Crowther being Pete Crowther). When you are quite certain that funny books don't win awards, and that you don't win British Fantasy Awards, you don't even jot down on a bit of paper the list of people you should thank.

When I saw the Locus link to "Novelist David Eddings burns down office" I thought yeah, I have days like that, but it turns out he didn't do it on purpose.

My Chinese editor, or one of them, Ann Lin, wrote to send me a link to her blog, where she has the Chinese Anansi Boys cover up --

Help, please!I vaguely recall you mentioning in your journal an author as witty and popular in (I think) the 20's, but now generally forgotten who had written a book about (again, I think) greek gods in a modern setting. Having found and loved Jonathan Carroll's novels through your mention, I looked at various books from this author on amazon, and they seemed the sort of thing I'd like to look into. However, after much use of the site's search function and mental anguish, I fail to recall the name.I hope I'm not making this up; it's been wriggling in my brain for the past year or so.Thanks for your time.RMC

That would have been Thorne Smith, and his Night Life of the Gods.

Hi Neil.The billboards will soon be after you. (and all other Mini Cooper owners) Look at this URL to see what I mean:,%2Bthese%2Bbillboards%2Bknow%2Byou%2Bby%2Bname/2100-1024_3-6154185.html - Steve ManfredRiver Falls, WI

You know, really high on the list of things I don't want ever to see on a billboard as I drive by is "Hey Neil, I bet you drive faster than you write!" or something similar...

Hi Neil,Since I plan on re-purchasing the Sandman series in it's Absolute form, I'm going to be giving my older TPB versions to a young friend I know would love them. My question is: Do you expect the Absolute collection to be limited to the 75-ish issues of the main Sandman series or will Endless Nights be included as well? I don't want to be asking for it back from the kid in a years time! Cheers!

I don't think there are any plans to do an Absolute Edition of Endless Nights at this time. It was an oversized hardback anyway...

Hi Neil, Aside from the statues and posters (being released by DC) and the various books (by Harper Collins) are there any plans for other Stardust merchandise to be released for the movie, such as action figures or clothing?Thanks.Rob

Not as far as I know. Which is a pity, because I'd really like to collect the set of dead princes. (Each of them is dead in a different interesting way.)

It looks like there's going to be lots of Coraline stuff coming out in late 2008, if that's any consolation -- it's something Laika and Focus Films are planning to do and talking to people about already.


Last year I got artist Kelli Bickman to paint a mural for the bedroom. It's something I look at each morning when I wake up and I'm not bored with it yet, and I always see something new. (

Kelli asked if she could use the mural to do good things -- for the CBLDF and for the Tibetan Handicapped Children's Hospital, and I said sure. She's put it on lots of cool stuff, available through

Another Good thing for the CBLDF is coming from the lovely people at Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs -- see for details, and I'll link to their actual page when they have it up. If you like scents and perfumes and books, then you should click on this. Seven scents, inspired by characters in books, with half of what you pay going straight to the CBLDF...

And finally, a link to my pal Eddie Campbell's blog, containing a picture I took on my phone for him, in Foyles, the last time I was there. (And while it is true I thought it hilarious, it was more the entire concept of "Low-brow Art" as a category, with all sorts of marvellous stuff in it, that I found funny, than the appropriateness of that shelf for a book called The Fate of the Artist. But damn, that was funny too.)