Friday, December 01, 2006

Replacing something that doesn't exist

Just realised that the long blog I did yesterday evening about Maddy's tendency to leave self-referential notes about wherever she's been sitting ("This is a post-it note" "Maddy Gaiman wrote this" and, on a notecard "Hello. This is Maddy. I love notecards. They look very official when you write on them." They can also contain her name, practice signatures, casual good wishes to the person reading the note such as "have a magnificent evening", and, occasionally, drawings of a girl's face), and which also talked about the Stardust Focus Group screening last night, didn't post. I think that's the last time I'll use the Picassa blog feature -- it's crashed or failed too many times. (I used it in order to upload a photo of the whiteboard that Maddy had written all over last night while I was on the phone to Tarquin-from-Stardust, which amused me because it was quintessentially one of those notes, only more so.)

What makes the vanishing blog entry even more frustrating is that I'd copied the text from the Picassa entry, because I knew it sometimes crashed, but that it crashed anything I tried to copy the content to. Memo to self: do not blog with Picassa. Just don't.

It may be the fault of the computer, which has just decided that it no longer has a sound card because of what the readme file describes as a "known issue" which it tells you to solve by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the software, said software being, according to the computer, un-uninstallable.

This is the magnificently self-referential whiteboard in question, photographed by my phone...

And as I said in the vanished blog entry, in a few years Maddy will forget that she had ever existed in a flurry of self-referential notes, and I will forget as well. And sometimes this Blog is just a diary, or a reminder. You forget the things you were certain you would always remember, especially the tiny things, and all too often they're the things that matter.