Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's a coffee percolator going "wheeee"

Just a quick note to say that the industrious web-elf is currently overhauling to make it a palace of unbearable delights, or at least a place that's better laid out and in which it's easier to find things. (Our new motto: less wood, more trees. Or something like that.) It's still a work in progress, but we've now replaced a morass of links with which needs more information, but is nice and easy to get about on.

And just so you know, I cannot get this song and video out of my head.

Also, this Galactus Jack Chick tract made me smile. Not quite as much as this pitch-perfect parodic use of Jack Chick tracts to warn us about the Elder Gods, which took a few seconds of googling to find. (Oops. Killed it. Try this one:

Not a question really, more of an observation of my recent reading. After purchasing "Fragile Things" in audiobook format off of itunes(read by yourself), which I probably spent too much time listening to and not enough time doing schoolwork, and subsequently rushing to buy and read "American Gods" prior to listening to the novella, I've found that now anytime I read anything you've written, novel or otherwise, it always seems to sound in my head like your voice. I find it interesting, a bit creepy, somewhat reassuring, but always enjoyable. So, thank you

Yours Truly,

Will Swan

You're welcome, I think.

(I just discovered that have the free downloads of me being interviewed about Stardust and the Stardust audio book, and the (really sweet) interview that Maddy did with me that was edited down for The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection both up for free -- they're in the Downloads section on the front page, mingling uneasily with the audio books on Weight Loss and Conquering Your Fear of Flying.)

Hi Neil,

I have seen on ebay a collection of Sandman, the full run, on a DVD with "comic reading" software that you install on your computer and read on your screen.

The price is redicullusly low, so I wanted to ask if this is official? It certainly doesn't look it, but always best to check!

Nope. All DVD/CD versions of the comics I've done are pirated. Personally, I wish that DC would do legitimate versions, as there's obviously a demand, and we could do it better than the pirates.

Hi Neil,

Just wanted to let you know that Rocketship in Brooklyn will be hosting a signing/reception for "Big Fat Little Lit," which includes, as you know, your collaboration with Gahan Wilson. Your NY area readers may enjoy attending this event (the open wine/beer bar may serve as an additional enticement). Full event info:

"Big Fat Little Lit" signing and reception with Art Spiegelman, Francoise Mouly, Kim Deitch and David Mazzucchelli
Friday, December 1 at Rocketship
208 Smith St., Brooklyn (F or G to Bergen St.)

store website:
book website:

--Bill Kartalopoulos.

It'd make a good Xmas present for kids too -- Gahan Wilson and I did a story for the third volume (It Was A Dark and Silly Night) that's reprinted in the Big Fat Little Lit.