Saturday, November 18, 2006

what I did today more or less

Let's see... took Gatwick Express to London (read the wonderfully wonderful graphic novel Jokes and the Unconscious by Daphne Gottlieb and Diane DiMassa on the way), went to hotel, worked happily in hotel library until room was ready, saw Mitch Benn, discussed Mysterious Project, and burned seven Mysterious Project reference mp3 CDs for him, met daughter Holly and her friend, ate conveyor belt sushi with daughter Holly and Mitch Benn and daughter Holly's friend, saw renowned film director T.V. Gilliam and bought him whisky sours because he had a cold and he thought whisky sours probably have vitamin C in, not to mention the cold-fighting properties of preserved cherries, and we all talked (me, r.d. T.V. Gilliam, d. H. and d. H.'s f. but not Mitch Benn because he'd already gone off to do a gig) and then, evening almost over and all his whisky sours drunk, I waved goodbye to r.d. T.V.G. (having pointed out that he owes me and Terry Pratchett a groat each) and I set off with d. H. and d. H.'s f. to see Mitch Benn in his second comedic gig of the evening performing at the Chuckle Club, which by some strange coincidence was run, I discovered, by Paul Jay (aka Eugene Cheese), who I'd met twenty years ago at a meeting of the Society of Strip Illustrators, and who did a comic called George, The Toad and the Rock, which I loved as a teen and still consider one of the finer surrealist comics.

And tomorrow morning I'm leaving London for a few days and don't know if there will be any internet where I'm going or not. We'll all find out tomorrow.