Saturday, November 18, 2006

what i did next

As I've commented here before, the problem with blogging is that when things get interesting, you don't get time to write about it. So suffice it to say I went to Little Rock and on to Conway where I did a Q&A for students, read a poem, gave a speech and read a story and answered questions and signed until midnight and then wound up with Writing Professor Terry Wright and his wife Cindy in an Arkansas Denny's at 1.00am eating breakfast during a thunderstorm so violent that the wiring made crackly sizzling noises when the lightning struck (the manager had a remarkable memory and the least convincing wig I've ever seen), and from there I went to San Jose, where I was interviewed by writing Professor Mitch Berman, ate sushi, then read a short story and a chapter of The Graveyard Book, answered a handful of questions and again signed until midnight. Then I got up too early, flew to Minneapolis, went straight in to DreamHaven Books where I signed a lot of stuff for them (including, I was told, a quarter of a ton of Absolute Sandmans), back to the airport to check in, off to a hasty dinner with Mary and now-with-new-purple-braces (and only able to eat soup) Maddy, and dashed back to the airport, onto a plane and off to the UK.

Which is where I am now, for a couple of days. I'll probably just about get over my jetlag by the time I fly home.