Thursday, September 14, 2006

where am I and small publishers

Neil: I thought you were attending a CON in England this month why isn't it listed on your Where's Neil sight? Not a stalker just like knowing where your handsome face is appearing. luv- Linda

Er, thanks. It was on the WHERE'S NEIL blog, a couple of entries down, but I've just gone and done an entry laying out all appearances from now until October the 22nd. You can read it at

Neil,Thought you might want to know this. I wandered into my local comic shop today on a spontaneous shopping spree and casually inquired about "Lost Girls" still not being out in the UK (it was meant to ship the week before last, and then last week). Apparently now it's not going to be available in the UK at all, due to the licensing issues with Peter Pan.Ah well, I guess eBay it is for us poor souls on this side of the Atlantic. Unless there's anything we can actually do about it - do you have any thoughts or ideas on the subject? Mili

According to Chris Staros, publisher of Lost Girls,

The first printing of Lost Girls (10,000 copies) completely sold out on Wed Aug 31st when it hit stores. So, that's why it's not available anywhere, itjust vanished (it actually hit #19 on em> on that day). Also, the back orders in the system as of Friday the 1st have already sold out the 2nd printing (another 10,000 copies), which will hit stores in early October. So, we've ordered a larger 3rd printing (20,000 copies), which will hit stores around Xmas/January.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital's rather debatable claim on the characters in the UK only goes until the end of 2007, so I imagine that from January 2008 you should be able to get copies in the UK. (In the meantime, you could probably buy them from more cheaply than from eBay.)

As a private customer you can always order books from the US directly -- and you may want to order directly from Top Shelf -- more expensive than Amazon, but you're helping support a small publisher...

Hi Neil;

I don't know if you'd know anything about this, but not sure who else to ask.

I ordered the Authors Preferred edition of Anansi Boys from Hill House a while back, and have been trying to get in touch with them to find out what's happened to it.

There's been no answer at any of their email addresses and their last newsletter was April '06.

I'm worried that maybe they've gone out of business or something...I don't suppose you know what's happening?

Oh - as always, big fan of your work...see you in London on 25th September :)

I finally heard from Pete Schneider at Hill House, and he's extremely shamefaced and apologetic -- I think that they mostly didn't want to make an announcement until they were certain of being able to deliver on the dates they were promising. But apparently their Dagmara Matuszak illustrated (and designed) ANANSI BOYS will be getting printed very soon, and they're now getting help with their Neverwhere volume (I sent them a rather overwhelming amount of extra Neverwhere material for their supplementary volume, and I think that knocking it into a book has proved a bit much for just the two of them.) Pete tells me a newsletter will go out to subscribers and up on the website Real Soon Now. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

Hi Neil,

Hope I am the first one to let you know, next Monday at 20:00 on Mastermind on BBC2 one of the specialist topics is

"The Sandman graphic novels of Neil Gaiman"

All the best

Paul in Brussels

I hope someone can send in a Youtube link once it's been broadcast. (And I hope whoever's got Sandman as a specialist subject wins.)