Thursday, September 14, 2006

From the department of that nice Mr Tolkien revolving in his grave

Your question for today is,

Is the twee and nightmarish horribleness of this cancelled out by the fact it might actually be a prettier place to live than most new American housing developments?


And this just in from DreamHaven...

Thursday, October 5th, 7:00PM

Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Avenue South, Minneapolis
Hosted by DreamHaven Books

Admission will be $5.00 per person, with all profits from the admission
price going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The theater doors will
open at 6pm. (No advance sales.)

Books will be available for purchase at the event. (Think about paying
cash - it'll speed things up!)

We will have pre-signed copies of many of Neil's books at the event, so
you can avoid the autographing line. Want a personalized copy without
going through the line? Preorder the book(s) you want at - you can have them shipped, or pick them up at
DreamHaven beginning October 7th.

Neil will be reading for about 90 minutes, then answering questions from
the audience. After that, we're hoping to show MirrorMask (not confirmed
yet) in the theater, while Neil is autographing in the lobby.

Autographing will be limited to no more than two items purchased at the
event and one outside item. (In case of an unexpectedly large crowd, this
will be reduced.) You will receive your ticket for the autographing line
when you make your purchases at the event. Not purchasing anything? You
can still get a ticket for the autographing line at the book sales table.

The Riverview Theater has comfortable high-back seating for over 700
people. And their concession stand will be open - they serve great popcorn
(with real butter) as well as a variety of other movie-theater type
snacks. And tea!

DreamHaven Books
912 W Lake St
Minneapolis MN 55408 USA
Contact: Elizabeth LaVelle
Phone 612-823-6161