Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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The Mystery Project is going just fine, thank you.

I just found out from the New York Times (I've now had my name misspelled in the New York Times! This should not be a source of glee and delight to me, but it is) that you can download individual tracks from Harper Audio's NEIL GAIMAN AUDIO COLLECTION (The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish, Wolves in the Walls, Crazy Hair and Cinnamon) for a small fee from the brand spanking new Harper's Digital Media Cafe -- and for free you can download Maddy Gaiman interviews her Dad, and, less excitingly, me talking about Stardust, although I'm being interviewed for over twenty minutes, so it would at least fill part of a commute.

And here's a video of Jane Goldman talking about the STARDUST movie, while Charles Vess looks on from the background...

Meanwhile, to close a few tabs: a photo of Sydney Harbour that you need to zoom in on... close enough to see, well, practically everything...

The trailer for that nice Mr Gilliam's film Tideland. Which looks bleak and odd and beautiful and disturbing.

I discovered Jarvis Cocker's new song "Running The World" through Hype Machine. It has rude words in it, so do not click if you don't want to hear a song with rude words in.

The Guardian Blog tells us that reading books is sexy (and illustrates it with a pretty lady reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell). Most of the interesting stuff is in the comments.

And finally, I was sent the following, by way of explanation...

Amazon's "people who bought books by X might like Y" service is something that publishers (or publicists) pay for. For a fee, you can pick out 10 different books and an e-mail is sent to everyone who purchased those books suggesting yours. Not sure why they included your books for a math text, but maybe they ran out of other choices before they got to 10 and threw that one in for fun.