Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In Which The Author Is A Bit Mysterious

There's a great big interview with Alan Moore, pretty much all about Lost Girls, at the Onion's AV club: (and then, just to demonstrate that comics writers are taking over the Earth, you can read Brian K Vaughan's iPod commentary at

Maddy's off with her best friends at science camp this week, and I'm off working with a friend on a project we've tried to get off the ground since 1998, and he's busy and I'm busy, but this week it's happening, or at least starting. And I'm being much too secretive about it right now, but one day, or at least when it's a bit further along, I won't be. (And I'm pretty sure I've talked about it somewhere on this blog already.)

I see from that Ian McShane has joined the cast of Coraline. I see from a number of Newspapers all around the world that UPI carefully corrected the book and film's name to Caroline before it sent out its press release.

I was sad to see that Cheryl Morgan is closing down Emerald City. It's been a terrific little magazine-on-the-web, a fanzine in the best sense, and a voice of sensibleness and sanity in the wilderness for some years. I'll miss it.

Several people have forwarded emails from to me today that were variants on

We've noticed that customers who have purchased books by Neil Gaiman also purchased books by B. G. Pachpatte. For this reason, you might like to know that B. G. Pachpatte's Integral and Finite Difference Inequalities and Applications, Volume 205 (North-Holland Mathematics Studies) will be released soon. You can pre-order your copy by following the link below.

Integral and Finite Difference Inequalities and Applications, Volume 205 (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)
B. G. Pachpatte
Price: $139.00

I never knew that I was so popular among mathematicians.


The Fabulist at, is one of those wonderful gate-keeper things that they talk about -- the kind of website that just points you to things that you soon cannot live without. The latest thing I got from them is the Hype Machine at "Find Music You Never Knew You Liked" it says, and it promptly gave me a ridiculous number of songs I han't known I wanted to hear (did you know that Stephin Merritt's cover of If I Were A Rich Man is available as a free download? I'm not saying that you'll like it or that you want to hear it. But it's there.).


And finally, Happy Birthday, Winter.