Saturday, August 19, 2006

post-wedding post

I'm online and accessing the internet using my clever new phone.

So, it was a wonderful wedding -- I think, the best I've ever been to. I did my best man thing fine -- I made a speech in the middle of the wedding (which is where best man speeches come in Spanish Weddings, I am told) and I didn't lose the rings, which is good, on both counts.

I gave Mark and Irma a few fun gifts, but the best of them was a blank book for the people at the wedding party to write or draw things in. And because I don't think I have a connection speed that'll allow me to upload any photos, I'm going to post what I wrote on the first page of the book.

This for you, for both of you,

a small poem of happiness
filled with small glories and little triumphs
a fragile, short cheerful song
filled with hope and all sorts of futures

Because at weddings we imagine the future
Because it's all about "what happened next?"
all the work and negotiation and building and talk
that makes even the tiniest happily ever after
something to be proud of for a wee forever

This is a small thought for both of you
like a feather or a prayer,
a wish of trust and love and hope
and fine brave hearts and true.

Like a tower, or a house made all of bones and dreams
and tomorrows and tomorrows and tomorrows

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