Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hugo words...

The Hugo Award Winners are announced -- Some really good results here, and my congratulations to all.

And now that the nominees list is up on the web, people are asking me why Anansi Boys was withdrawn from Hugo consideration, and whether it was me that withdrew it. Yes, it was me. And I suppose partly I did it because I have three Hugos already, and I felt it was better to get more names on the ballot that weren't mine, and partly because I think I feel more comfortable when the things of mine that get Hugo nominations are marginally closer to SF than to pure fantasy, but mostly because when they told me Anansi Boys was nominated it just felt right to say no thank you, this time. Obviously I'm grateful to everyone who voted for it, and happy for the other awards that it's won and is nominated for, but on this one, well, it just felt right to say no. So I did.

Having put my money on Stephen Moffat's Dr Who episode Girl in the Fireplace for a Hugo next year, I was very happy that Moffat's The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances won this year...


Dear Neil, Did you know how much your blog was worth? I ran it through and this is what I got.

My blog is worth $1,439,012.46.
How much is your blog worth?

Er, that's nice. So that and how much would get me a cup of tea?