Monday, April 17, 2006

Bits and bobs.

I am a narrator at the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped at the LIbrary of Congress in Washington.

Can you tell me how to pronounce the title of your book "Coraline"? Is it Coraline (line I), Coraleen (long E), or Coralin (short i)?

Thanks so much for your hlep.

Nicola Daval
Recorrding STudio

I pronounce it Coraline (to rhyme with "horror-wine"), because I thought I'd made it up, and that was how I wanted to pronounce it. So that would be my preferred pronounciation.


Then I found some sheet music on eBay for a Coraline song. It was a standard Victorian Death Song, about a dead little girl, and was filled with poetical thoughts along the general lines of,

"She had such roses in her cheeks
Her hair was like a queen's
And I shall never see ye more
My darling Coraline"

From which I discovered that a) Coraline was a real name before ever I made it up, and b) it was pronounced "Coral-een".

So that's right too. (And it's how it's pronounced across most of Europe.)

The short i version of Coraline had never occurred to me.


I need to close some tabs. So -- here are some cool photographs, and the story that goes with them:

Why it's never a wise idea to tell an impromptu joke when public speaking.

Jerry Siegel's original press release, cursing the Superman film --

Publisher rejects "Jesus loves Porn Stars" bible. (Which leaves me wondering how the publisher would have reacted to a Jesus loves Thieves/Tax Collectors/Women Taken In Adultery Bible...)

Another Wolves in the Walls review.

Over at eBay, the Lisa Snellings one of a kind rat went for an astonishing $1,232.00 for the CBLDF. (hurrah. And thank you, whoever got it and bid for it.)

Lisa's limited editions are up at, some originals for sale at She also has a really spiffy new gallery site up at . Go and buy something beautiful and disturbing, like a sculpture, and tell her that I sent you.

The Endicott Studios are doing some rather lovely poetry-and-art e-cards -- Today's card is based on my poem Instructions. Lovely art by Jeanie Tomanek.

And finally, I bet you were wondering who the worst twenty literary agents out there are, weren't you? Read this entry at Making Light to learn -- The agent complaining loudest about her justified inclusion on the list is Barbara Bauer, at whose website you can read poems like this: (A remarkable poem that should, I think, be read aloud by groups of people, late at night.)