Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Useful information

The schedule for the next week of this blog is as follows...

Over the next couple of days I'll post in a spotty sort of way, because I have decided to drive to Philadelphia for the Temple Hall reading and do not know when I'll have an internet connection on the road. Then from about Sunday I won't be able to post anything at all to the blog for a few days, as the archives and data are migrated over to the new version of the website.

That new website should go live on Wednesday, February the First. At that point, please go and explore it and then let the new webmistress know about the bits that don't work, links that don't go where they're meant to, bits that need to be changed or that you find aesthetically problematic or whatever.

The main advantage of the new version of the website over the current one is that no-one can ever find anything on the current one -- sometimes because the link to it has somehow gone away, sometimes because the link to it is deeply counterintuitive (you need to go to the book entry on American Gods to find such things as the Original American Gods Website -- -- which tells you how many hours ago American Gods was published [-1681 days 10 hours and 18 minutes as I write this] or the still incomplete 5 years later bibliography at [incomplete now forever, because I could never reassemble the books on coin magic, prison or confidence tricks and comment on what I took from each -- but The Big Con by David Maurer was useful and J. B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic was invaluable]). It should be much, much easier to find things with the new one, and it should make poking around and finding interesting things to read, listen to or look at much simpler.

With luck, you'll even be able to read the blog archives through. If that's your idea of a good time.