Monday, January 23, 2006

No Cats Allowed

A quick one -- there's a podcast now up of the reading I did (and the intro that preceded it, and the Q&A that followed it) on the ANANSI BOYS tour at The Tattered Cover in Denver, about nine days into the tour. It's the only reading I did where I did a couple of bits -- I was doing a request from my agent, Merrilee, who wanted to hear a specific bit. It's about 60 megs long, in all. (I'm afraid the funniest bit of the "Biggles" story is mimed, so you'll just have to imagine it.) I don't half go on a bit, I'm afraid.

The story of a scam agent that's as odd as any movie begins, continues and concludes at Read, enjoy, avoid crooked agents.

Someone recently sent me a link to which I loved and passed straight on to the Fabulist --

I enjoyed Michael Dirda writing in the Washington Post about Conan the Barbarian and Robert E. Howard....

Right. Maddy and I are about to experimentally watch some old Dr Who DVDs. Tonight, she encounters Jon Pertwee for the first time, because he is the only Doctor of whom I can say "I met him at a launch party for something once..."