Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wolf Heads and Walks

Long day. Wrote the words to another song, along with a couple of scenes, and realised that THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS is now turning into a real show -- there's a sort of coherence and point of view to it that seems to have emerged from it rather than been imposed on it. On one side of the theatre Nick Powell goes over the music with the actors. Over on the other side of the Tramway proscenium, Julian Crouch makes huge puppet wolf-heads from burlap and glue and pipe-lagging and ping-pong-balls, funny and scary all at once. Much of the time I'm useless, and then suddenly I get very useful to everyone indeed and start scribbling and shaping until it works. Then I go back to listening.

Hi Neil

On November 08 you wrote that your friend Judith Clute had created "a whole walk with Cool London Stuff and some Neverwhere bits in it", and that you would post it here in a day or so. The day or so is now long gone, and I cannot seem to find a description of the walk, or a link or some such thing. Am I not looking thoroughly enough, or has this been forgotten? I am Norwegian, but my boyfriend and I will be visiting his parents, who live in London, surely the best city there is, in a couple of weeks, and I would really, really love to see Cool London Stuff, not to mention Neverwhere bits, in between picking up signed books at the various locations you mentioned yesterday.

Thanks for all the lovely stories.

Marthe :-)

Thanks for reminding me!

Judith's first walk For is called A STROLL IN OLD LONDON AT DUSK and looks terrific. I've saved it as a Rich Text file, with a map at the bottom...

Click on the link below to read it or download it. (We'll put it -- and any subsequent walks Judith creates -- up on the new version of when it's beyond beta testing.)

A stroll in old London at dusk.rtf


Finally, congratulations to Harlan Ellison, now a Grand Master.