Monday, November 21, 2005

Two things I forgot

I keep forgetting to mention that MirrorMask will be getting an Italian screening, in Trieste, next Sunday. Details at

I also keep forgetting to link to this -- It's a post about the Jack Benny 39 cent stamp.

Jack didn't start out at 39, of course. The gag began on his radio show in the 1940s, I think 1946, when he told a disbelieving reporter (played, if memory serves by Mel Blanc) that he was 36 (he was actually in his 50s; it was a joke). He then aged, over the next few years, one Valentine's Day at a time, until he was 39. He almost turned 40 on the air but at the last moment got a telegram from his sister letting him know he was a year younger than he thought he was. So he stopped at 39, and stayed there.

The alternative to doing the online petition is of course sending a real, paper letter to the US post office (and the inforation is up at the petition site) which is what I'm planning to do.

You can learn more about Jack Benny over at the OTR (old time radio) site, where they are now podcasting Terry and the Pirates:, or learn even more and also order all 900 shows for $65 in MP3 format over at
(The first few years are missable, in my opinion, and I'd not recommend starting with disk 1.)

Right. Off to work.