Thursday, November 17, 2005

(that's enough song titles. ed.)

Belfast was lovely -- partly because there were so many people there who were happy that I'd turned up, and partly because it was the last official signing of the tour.

Now back in London. Another day of interviews today. More tomorrow. Then to work on the Pandemonium.

I should mention that Ottakars Bookshops have had Headline create an exclusive, signed, slipcased edition of Anansi Boys, just for them, which I think will be released next week. I saw an early edition and they look extremely pretty.

I don't suppose I'm the first to ask about this, but here goes anyway. All your November posts so far have been preceded by punk and post punk song titles, is there a reason for this? Nostalgia for the era of drainpipes and skinny ties as you tour the old country, or can we expect some fiendish quiz on B sides and indie labels (in which case i'll have to recover my record collection from the cupboard under my mum's stairs)?
Thanks for the Canterbury signing, didn't you realise the fireworks were actually in your honour? Regards Dave Evans

Well, you weren't the first to spot that they were song titles, but you were one of the first to notice what kind of songs they were. It started accidentally, and then it seemed like a good idea, for reasons I could not possibly articulate...

And today's mystery is why does the Guardian, alone among newspapers, believe that Beowulf is a "stop-motion" film? It's not like I haven't written and corrected them. (Or made fun of them here, for that matter.) It's in every article -- including the latest, a fascinating interview with John Malkovich (who plays Unferth).

Looking forward to getting enough sleep tonight....