Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Radio, Radio.

The answer to the brief but no less sensible query of Why Dundalk? is because it's on the way to Belfast.

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So I did the Rattlebag radio show, and it was really a delight to do.

I love Dublin, love my usual Dublin Hotel (it's the Clarence - - and is one of the nicest hotels anywhere in the world, comfortable and understated and excellent. I'd probably even stay here if I was paying for myself, and am sorry I'm only here for one night), and after the Rattlebag show I did a signing for everyone who'd managed to get tickets (they only had 200 seats, and they were almost all gone before they announced the event). After the interview I did a Q&A with the audience for a while that won't be broadcast, but will probably go up on the Rattlebag website....

Hey Neil, Your Rattlebag interview will be available from here after the show airs which will be 2.45pm (GMT) on Thu the 17th of November. Right now the link is dead. It will be in Realaudio format, though I'm sure someone will convert it to mp3 for you.All details here:,Damien .

The signing was fun, if a bit rapid as we had to get 200 people out of the studio as soon as possible -- everyone seemed to have enjoyed the evening with its various readings and conversations, and they were happy I was there, and I was happy to be there.

Fun all round.

Hi Neil, you've probably already read this, but I thought your legions of loyal fans might like to know how much _The Scotsman_ loves you. And do you really drawl in a "transatlantic twang?" Kira

I don't know. Probably. I think my accent is more midatlantic than transatlantic at this point, although the longer I'm in the UK the more English it becomes, I am told. It's hard for me to hear, either way.

(You can listen to the Rattlebag show, or to and decide for yourself.)

I'm looking for some Sandman posters. One is the Endless by Frank Quitely. The other is one of Dream standing with his hands raised and sand streaming through his fingers, but I don't know who the artist is. I've had an awful time finding them. (The internet: "Find them in your local comic shop!" Local comic shop: "Haven't seen those in years. Try the internet!") Any ideas? Thanks. Reed Macomber

I'd try DreamHaven's for the Quitely ENDLESS poster (although the only posters I can see they have is the Bolland Death, the Zulli fine art Sweeney Todd, and some CBLDF posters). But there may be some left -- or keep your eyes on eBay. The other poster was painted by Vince Locke for a chain of music stores in around 1991, were never sold in comic stores, and they are now rarer than two-headed frogs.