Saturday, November 12, 2005

teenage kicks

Today was, I was told, the earliest signing in the history of Forbidden Planet -- it started shortly after they opened at 10:00am. Hundreds of very cold people, some of them still hung over, lined up in an alley behind the shop and I signed for them... and I realised I'd been signing in Forbidden Planet since January 1989, when Dave McKean and I did a tour for Black Orchid (and the first couple of issues of Sandman). Seventeen years seems a very long time to be signing people's books on a Saturday afternoon...

(I think the most unusual thing I signed today was the Basque edition of WOLVES IN THE WALLS -- I didn't even know it existed.)

Finished at Forbidden Planet at 2:30 and went out to Milton Keynes, where I signed some more. They really do the signing thing well at Ottakers in MK, and at the end I signed a table which will be auctioned for charity.

Favourite events of the tour so far are London-with-Lenny in first place, Manchester and Edinburgh close behind.

Hi Neil,I was at the signing in Forbidden Planet in Birmingham this afternoon and I saw Holly sitting on the floor waiting for you. So this is a question for her really: do you get bored waiting for your dad to finish signing? Or is it still exciting? Do you enjoy it?I'm glad I came to the signing today (I was the girl with the Tori programme) and really appreciated how you took the time to look people in the eye as you spoke to them.Thank you :) Jo

I asked her, and she says what she enjoys most is being there when I'm being interviewed by the press, as she gets to learn odd stuff she'd never think to ask herself. But the process of waiting around for me while I'm signing isn't terribly interesting and is probably why God invented iPods and books and things.

I thought your readers would probably be interested in The short form - ImageTexT, the first peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to comics, is preparing a special issue on your comics work, and we're welcoming papers. (And its pure coincidence that the CfP first went out on your birthday, actually.)

I suspect there are people out there who would love either to write papers, or to have an excuse to finish papers, so will put this up for them.

And finally, a minute's silence for the end of one of the best sites on the web for original fiction and reprints, over at I'd go and read everything you can there, before it all goes away, and thank Ellen Datlow that it was ever there at all...