Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cool for Cats

A hundred million birthday wishes in from friends and from strangers -- including a Callie who sent me a link to a syndicated horoscope column that tells the world it's my birthday. There was cake and champagne and a red balloon (from a representative of the board) at lunchtime in Newcastle, and there was more cake and champagne (not to mention two chocolate coins and about 350 people singing Happy Birthday) in Manchester.

My best present was Holly, my daughter, who is in Italy for the semester, coming out to join me in the UK for a few days.

Thank you all, so much.


Tomorrow (er, later today actually) is Birmingham at lunchtime and Oxford in the evening. London and Milton Keynes on Saturday, and Bristol and Bath on Monday. (Details and locations at

Dozens of letters saying, e.g., I know that by doing this I'm exposing myself as a Pamela Anderson fan. During last night's episode of "Stacked," Pam's sitcom on Fox set in a bookstore, I saw a large poster of Anansi Boys hanging on the wall during one scene (the one where Christopher Lloyd overhears her phone coversation). It was the only poster of any book that was recognizable or displayed so prominently, so I thought it was intentional. Did you know about this? Did your publisher arrange for some kind of product placement? Or someone from the show is a fan of your work? Maybe Pam is thumbing through Anansi Boys right now...~Tris

I didn't know the answer, so I googled "Stacked Harper Books" and this article was the first thing to come up, which I think answers your question.

Over at I see that Lisa Snellings has cast the little harlequin from my Nook Statue and is selling them, beautifully and individually painted. I went "I want one of those!" and then had to remind myself that I have one, and I even have the original. Silly me.)

Anansi Boys was chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the ten best books of 2005. (A google gave me the list of ten at

Right. Bed.