Monday, September 19, 2005

What am I doing?

So, a quick highlights from the last two days, and then sleep as I have to be out of here at 7:30 am tomorrow for a TV thing.

Yesterday I did a talk in the Apple Store about MirrorMask, then to CBGBs, where I read my new short story "How to Talk To Girls At Parties" aloud to an audience for the first time, and discovered (to my great joy) that it worked.

This morning, to Hensons for a bunch of interviews, then Lev Grossman of Time interviewed me and Joss Whedon together (Joss on the phone) which seemed like it wouldn't work, but was actually most pleasant and fun. (My favourite bit was, in an aside, learning that Joss liked The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish.) Then to Studio 360 ( for an incredibly enjoyable interview with Kurt Andersen that will air in a week or two, and a meeting with my agents about foreign editions, and then I changed hotels and from there I went to Symphony Space to see Susanna Clarke, where we had an incredibly enjoyable conversation which just happened to take place in front of about five hundred people.

Various interesting things happening in the background, most of them good. Not sure right now if the Mall of America signing will be happening or not.

Hi Neil,I'm really looking forward to the signing your doing at Vroman's in Pasadena (happens to be the week of my birthday, so we're all going to go see Mirrormask the night before, then come see you the next day. Thanks for the gifts)! However, the person I spoke with at Vroman's said that you won't be personalizing things. Is that true? No happy birthday, Dave? Thanks Dave

Not true at all.


There's a new site up for the UK -- tells you lots of cool stuff about the UK editions of the books.

You can even send ecards of the covers ( at

Shower. Sleep. Yes.

When I wake up it'll be publication day...