Saturday, September 03, 2005

Number One in "Things"

Lots of people writing to ask me to eBay the satanic tomato for charity. My hesitation on this is simply that it's a tomato. They don't last long. By the time an auction would be done, I'd be sending someone a rotted, icky thing that would no longer resemble a tomato.

Having said that, if anyone can figure out a way to make money for Katrina relief out of a demonic one-horned tomato that's currently sitting in the fridge looking slightly less bouncy than it did yesterday, let me know. Er, relatively fast.

Incidentally, according to Technorati, this blog is Number One in obvious subjects like "Writing" ( More excitingly, though, this blog is also Number One for "Things". So if you were wondering where you go to find out, authoritatively, about "Things", it's apparently here... see for proof.


Just thought you'd like to know that your Boston signing is sold out. I called for tickets this morning and they politely told me i'm out of luck.


I'll see if there's any possibility of getting into a bigger location on Tuesday when people are back at work. I don't know if there will be, however. I don't know if they plan to have any spare tickets available on the night, either, and will find out.

I suppose the best advice is for anyone planning on coming to any of the ticketed events, to reserve your tickets as soon as you can.

Neil, A few days ago somebody asked where, if you weren't going to their city on tour, they could get some signed copies of your books. You didn't mention, where you're doing an Anansi Boys book signing. Just thought it was fair to all those folks that I'd mention it.

Good idea.

And there's a review of Anansi Boys up at Green Man review: -- again, a review that doesn't contain spoilers...

Dear Neil,

Thanks for posting the news about Keplers. I was devastated to hear (I'm a former employee) but there may now be a chance for it to be saved - councilmember Kelly Ferguson is holding a rally on Tuesday, Sept 6th at 5 pm, outside the store - Rick Opaterny is organizing people at - and there's even been NY times coverage. Clark Kepler is apparently meeting with interested investors as well! Could you please post asking everyone in the Bay Area who cares about independent booksellers to show up to the rally this Tuesday? Thanks so much - and thanks for the blogging!
Tues, Sep 6th, 5PM outside store . followed by a 6PM work session at Menlo Park City Hall to marshall community resources in support of this beloved local institution. For more info contact

Dara in LA

Thanks, Dara. I hope very much that they can save - or resurrect - Kepler's.

Can I ask what book the One Horned Satanic Tomato is currently claiming as his own? Brianna, So Cal

In the photo, He was sitting in all His Infernal Awfulness on a copy of the new mass-market paperback edition of Smoke and Mirrors. Which was published last week, I believe. I got a whole box of them recently, along with all sorts of other things, including the German edition of Wolves In The Walls.

Incidentally, GMZoe wrote to let me know that he's updated his terrific visual bibliography of my stuff and put it up at

Hi Neil, I Just thought you might not know about this disgrace and might want to mention it on your blog. Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn, needs your help. The English company that controls the rights to the animated version of THE LAST UNICORN has sold more than five hundred thousand videotapes and DVDs of the film during the last year alone, without paying Peter a penny of what they owe him for his rights. More Details can be found here:

Yours Respectfully Miss Dee of Croydon, Surrey.
PS what are you going to name the new adopted kitty?

I did know, it is indeed a disgrace, and I meant to mention it, so I am very pleased you reminded me.

I am holding out on the naming-the-kitty-bit, because once you name them, you're hooked and doomed.

Maddy thinks it's called Misty, though. And she may well be right.

(I checked several of the how-to-determine-your-kitten's-gender websites, and by carefully comparing the sex-your-kitten diagrams to what the kitten has under its tail, I have come to the conclusion that it's definitely a girl, unless it turns out to be a boy.)


And now, over to Katrina-posts...

Dear Mr. Gaiman:
I don't know if you read these posts, but the company I work for, Best Friends Pet Care, Inc. in Houston, TX & Spring, TX is offering folks bording rates of 5.00 a day for displaced pets, that's the employee rate and includes food, bedding & a ton of love from the staff. ALong with that, the Spring, TX center has a vet clinic on site and is offering FREE vaccanations to those pets too, the Vet's are donation their tine for free & the pharmicutical company's are donation free shots & medicine to help too. We're also collecting at each of our 44 locations to donate to the ASPCA Relief Fund for Katrina's victims that are unable to speak. We're all about the pets. I'm even auctioning off my most coveted Black Phoneix Alchemy Lab perfumes in a LJ-only auction here

Thank you for posting all the above letters. Thank you for reading them & thank you for caring. New Orleans owns my soul, one day I will be living there, but now, it's just me & friends trying to pull $$ together to try to help.

Thank you!
Sonja Letourneau


Hi Neil,
I know a lot of people read your blog. This might be useful. Please pass this on:

Air America Public Voicemail
Air America Radio's Public Voicemail is a way for disconnected people to communicate in the wake of Katrina.

Here's how it works:

Call the toll-free number above, enter your everyday phone number, and then record a message. Other people who know your everyday phone number (even if it doesn't work anymore) can call Emergency Voicemail, enter the phone number they associate with you, and hear your message.

You can also search for messages left by people whose phone numbers you know.
Air America Radio will leave Public Voicemail in service for as long as this crisis continues. You can call it whenever you are trying to locate someone, or if you are trying to be found.

Obviously, for this to work, people need to know about it so please forward the number to as many people as you can. You can find out more about Katrina and the affected areas at

Air America Radio brings you Emergency VoiceMail in conjunction with VoodooVox.

Also, if you're looking for a way to help personally, Civic Action, formerly known as, launched a new web site yesterday, asking its 3.3 million members and the public to post any available housing for the thousands of people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. The organization will directly connect evacuees with volunteer hosts, and also provide the housing information to the Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).



Dear Neil,

I just wanted to thank you for posting some of the emails you have been getting from people. I do not live in Louisianna, but have friends there that have not been heard from in days. Your letters have given me hope. There are still kind people there, as I have heard there always were. These letters have given me a comfort I can't express.

I found this list via MSNBC and thought it might be helpful. MSNBC has put together a list for people looking for loved ones in New Orleans. There's a 'Safe' list of people who have been found and are okay, and a 'Looking For' list of people who's families are seeking them out. - Looking For - Safe




Since you're posting a lot of hurricane info, I hope you'll point the readers of your blog to
where the community has put in a great effort to track all the colleges and universities willing to accomodate students displaced by the hurricane. Granted, it's not as important as food and water, but it is still useful information that could stand some help in circulating.




My university, University of Central Florida in Orlando, just announced that they would accept students now university-less due to Hurricane Katrina. However, students can only request admission until September 9th. Could you please post this on your blog as a way to get the news out? If you can, I'd appreciate it.

More information is here:

Keri Vrancik

P.s. I hope to see you in Los Angeles this year!


In addition to everything else, is an extremely compelling and eye-opening blog; it's being written by someone who stayed in New Orleans with his company, and is also running a live webcam feed of the streets below his window. He updates about once an hour, and is providing information that as far as I can tell is being reported nowhere else.




I'm so glad to see the overwheming response that the global community has put forth in helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The lack of action that the American government has shown in bringing relief to the poor people of New Orleans and its outlaying communities brings shame to our country, but the warm hearts of the volunteers and donators who are taking a hand in helping proves that this country does indeed have a heart.

Thank you for sharing the emails and responses that your loving readers have sent in, as well as the charity links. I have a couple more for you from the art community, just in case you'd like to share them with your readers or just yourself: is holding a sale of items where all proceeds go directly to the RedCross. They have raised an amazing $4500 dollars so far! are selling gorgeous limited edition prints. All proceeds go to charity, and although they seem obscure in comparison to larger drives, they're very trustworthy artists who care deeply about the victims and want to do everything in their talents to help.

Thank you again, for both your caring and your creativity! Your work and your words have helped me through tough times, and I'm sure that they'll help your readers in the south when the time comes.

Michelle Erickson