Friday, September 16, 2005

New York, Apple, Today's Auctions

I just got sent the schedule for the New York trip. Erk. Somehow I had assumed that I would at least have time to breathe over two and a half days. Instead it has highlights like a meeting with my agent to talk about all the foreign editions of ANANSI BOYS, which lasts 40 minutes, occurs between two interviews and during which I shall also be eating because that's the only time I get to eat for the next five hours. If you are a friend or even a family member who was hoping to see me in New York, having looked at my schedule I can now assure you that it isn't going to happen. When I'm not doing something for Harper Collins, I'm doing something for MirrorMask.


One event that hasn't been mentioned here before is that I'll be talking on Sunday at the Apple Store in Soho in an Indiewire MirrorMask event that will run from 5:30 - 7.00 pm. I don't think there will be time for any signing or anything as I have to run from there to the CBGBs event. Details at and

The part of the Big Author Name Auction with me in it has gone live (Your name -- or your family's -- on a Gravestone in The Graveyard Book, my next children's novel), as has the script for Sandman 75 in Joe Quesada's Inkwell auction. for the complete list of authors (I'm trailing behind Stephen King, Lemony Snicket, John Grisham, Michael Chabon and Nora Roberts right now.) Here's the direct link to me in the auction

Here's the link to the auction for the signed script for the last issue of Sandman.

Here's the Inkwell Auction. (Lots of amazing original art.)