Monday, September 05, 2005

label ponders

Right. So we decided to do a label or two for the Salsa. There has already been one gratefully accepted offer of art for a cartoon label, and then I thought that, in addition to that, it might be fun to try potential photographic labels. Not sure whether I'll use one of them, all of them, or none of them... but here, for your enjoyment, while I try to get caught up on an essay on Anansi Boys I have to complete before I can blog, are three possible label images...

Two of them are me and the tomato in question. One is the kitten, planning total world domination. I shall leave it to you to figure out which is which.

Frankly, I like to think that I could be the Paul Newman of Satanic Salsas.

Or, failing that, at least the Tony the Tiger of Satanic Salsas.

Having said that, of course, I think that, in their hunt for the face of Satanic Salsa, most focus groups would pick the kitten...