Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The wandering me

Much of the day got eaten by stuff to do with travel and the upcoming Singapore-Philippines-Australia trip.

The bad news is that the Hawaii signing isn't going to happen on this trip. Harper Collins didn't have any bookshops they felt comfortable with putting a signing for me in there, and while we then spoke to DC Comics about a potential comic-shop location to host a signing, that coincided with discovering that, while Sydney to LA via Hawaii has been the easy sane and normal route I've taken every time I've gone to Australia so far, this time, for reasons that only travel agents understand, it was enormously problematical, and at the point where the travel agent triumphantly announced that I could definitely get from Sydney to Honolulu as long as I didn't mind going via San Francisco, I gave up.

It now looks like I've got a 30 hour layover in Tokyo instead, around the 23rd of July. Not that I'm planning to sign anything there, but it'll be nice finally to get to Japan.