Wednesday, March 09, 2005

UK Anansi Boys cover, and libraries

Seeing I've already posted the US cover, I thought I should put this up as well. It's a rough of the UK Anansi Boys cover, front and back covers and dustflaps. (The quotes will be different, and we'll have an up-to-date-photo, but this is more or less what the UK version will look like.) It's consistent with the new edition of all my books in the UK -- they'll all have a similar typeface, and a detail of a pen-and-ink drawing, and should be out in the autumn. (Click on the image for a larger, less distorted version.)


Several more requests in the last couple of days for help with high school papers, college papers and the like. Don't take it personally but a) I've not got the time to answer all these, and b) most of the information you're looking for you can find with the search function -- -- which is what I'd use to point you to where I talked about fanfiction copyright issues or the CBLDF or what I think of Shakespeare or what the themes of Coraline are...

A couple of helpful posts in from librarians, offering a little more information:

Hi, Neil. I've been reading with interest the number of e-mails you get from people trying to write book reports and the like on your work.While my first instinct was to quote the Professor in "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe," I would instead like to suggest that there is a wealth of scholarly and critical information available through a nifty database called "Literature Resource Center," produced by a company called Gale. While this is not a database people can just freely access via Google, this is an amazing (and expensive) source of information that many public and academic libraries should have on-hand, and patrons can access it for free. Literature Resource Center duplicates much of the print information that a lot of libraries probably have in their reference collections (Gale is known for its "Contemporary Authors" series and "Contemporary Literary Criticism-Select" works).Anyway, you'd make a librarian very happy by letting people know that, besides providing 18 review and critical articles, 3 biographies, and 3 bibliographies, Literature Resource Center also mentions 9 articles indexed in the MLA Bibliography (a source that English teachers and professors love and respect -- trust me on this one).(And how weird must it be to know people are doing scholarly research on you?) Have a great day!Parenthetically yours,Ayanna GainesAsst. Reference Librarian, Elmhurst College

and also

Hi! I thought maybe you could also remind Ashley (the student doing the Neverwhere book report) that not all information is online, and she might want to go to her library too. I checked, there are several Gale reference materials that include criticism on your works (indexed here ). One to take note of is the CLC volume 195 that has some extensive criticisms arranged in a very accessible manner. Granted, most of them are Sandman, but Neverwhere does pop up a couple of times.*grumbles a bit about people relying on internet sources for book reports and papers :p*amy (the librarian)aka aitapata