Thursday, March 10, 2005

Michael Zulli's last Sandman painting, not to mention Chicago

I spoke to Michael Zulli just now, who pointed me to Michael Zulli : Official Site where he's now doing THE LAST MORPHEUS painting. He got very tired of people asking him for Sandman portraits, and, having already said he wasn't doing any more, has now decided to do one last one: as he says, "it's going to be the biggest, grandest, most detailed, perfect image of the Sandman I'm capable of". Four feet high, two feet wide, and an oil painting. Michael was the artist of The Wake, and is a unique talent.

At he's detailing each day's work, beginning with rough sketches, and detailing each step. As I write this he's pencilled it onto the canvas and judging by the noises he was making in the background as I spoke to him, he has just begun to paint. I love the idea of someone using the internet to document the creation of art.


Meanwhile, I said I'd put up info about the University of Chicago "Evening With Neil Gaiman" talk when I got it. It's going to be on Tuesday the 19th of April 2005, at the Court Theatre, South Ellis Av University of Chicago, and tickets ($15 general, $5 for students) go on sale on March the 28th. All the info, including phone numbers and e-mail to get tickets with is up at I'll be interviewed by Gretchen Helfrich,
Host of Chicago Public Radio's Odyssey,
and will probably do some readings as well...


Finally, it looks like the young man who said he was writing about Zombie attacks, er, wasn't.