Thursday, March 17, 2005

This Was Not Dictated By A Neptunian Brain Slug.

Dear Neil,In your last blog entry you mention reading the Neverwhere comic adaptation. Is it out already and I somehow have missed it when I go to the comic shop on every Wednesday,or are you reading advance copies? Just curious as i have been waiting for it to come out since I first heard about it.Thanks,Troy

I'm reading advance copies. I think it starts coming out in June. Reserve your copies now.

There's a Mike Carey and Lucifer fansite at (where you can read the solicitation and look at the cover art) and Glenn Fabry has a website of his own at The art's amazing, and Mike manages to adapt the novel for comics in a way that, while respecting the story, makes no attempt at all either to sound like me or pretend to be me, which I think was probably a very wise way to do it.


The eBay auction is nearly over -- it's in the final fifteen hours, so if perhaps an elderly aunt has just died and left you many thousands of shiny silver sovereigns, why don't you nip over to eBay and name a Cruise Ship in her memory? -- currently bidding's at $3,205.


So Zemeckis must be a MORON for not knowing that Roger Avery has a blog!! You aren't the only one!!!! COME CLEAN!!

(blink.) Er, Roger's actually closed down his website for a while -- he's been blogging for many years, but was starting to feel that everyone was doing it, and that he needed a break. And being Roger, and thus not doing anything by halves, he's taken down the whole website while he decides what he's going to do next. (It's Avary, by the way, not Avery.)

Dear Neil, In the cell phone pic that Roger Avary took, are you wearing a shiny gold disco jacket, or do you just have a parasite of some kind attached to your back? If the former, you have my sympathies.--Mary Dell

It's just a red traffic light reflected on the back of the black leather jacket.

I mean, there are no Neptunian Brain Parasites. And if there were, what would one want with me? What you see in the photo is definitely not a parasitic alien brain-slug. No. Why would you possibly think that? Here, come into this small room with me while I press my hand against the back of your neck... See? Now we are united as one in the slug overmind. Is it not wonderful?

Hi! Just a quickie for you... For the last couple of years I have been co-running a small-scale professional theatre company based in York, producing new adaptations of existing novels - all sticking as close to the original authors' visions as the change of medium allows. We had great fun with the company, and enjoyed significant critical success (both with our audiences, and with the trained professionals armed with pencil and pad and a 6-inch column!) for shows as diverse as Terry Pratchett's "Eric" ('one of the best adaptations of a Pratchett novel I have ever seen and well worth the 500-mile round trip - Discworld Monthly), Stoker's "Dracula" ('purists will love it' - The Stage) and Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" ('perfect' - York Evening Press)Unfortunately, critical success does not pay the bills, and the company went into liquidation last week. Very sad for us, and for our small but dedicated following, but we had lots of fun, and very few regrets.So, why am I telling you this? Good question, and thanks for reminding me. I am a long-time admirer of much of your work, and in silent tribute we named the theatre company "The Dreaming". Our website at even won an award 1 month before the company folded!It's the website I'm writing about - more accurately, the website URL. I now have no use for, and wondered if you knew anyone that would like to take ownership of it. I'm not selling it. It's a gift to anyone likely to give it a good home. All I ask is that whoever decides to care for it covers any cost of transfer away from my hosting company and to theirs (mine charges about �5, I believe).I'll miss the old fella, but all relationships come to an end in one way or another, and it's time we went our separate ways...So, if you know of anyone that would use it well, it's theirs for the taking... Thanks for your time.kind regards,Lee Harris

Well, I don't have any use for it, but probably someone reading this might want it.

Hey, we found the purpley 4x4 that Shadow buys in Lakeside. The yellow accents are a nice touch.

Good lord. And I thought I made it up.

Hey Neil,Well, I don't even knwo how to put this... um, I saw the UK cover of Anansi Boys, and it rocked the world out of the American one, I think. Anyway, I had been avoiding Anansi Boys related tidbits for a long time, wanting to read the book without any pre concieved notions and all, but I couldn't resist reading the blurb on the UK jacket.So my question is this: Is the Anansi in this book the same as the one in American Gods? Put another way, at the end of American Gods, Odin tells Shadow about Wednesday, "He was me, yes. But I am not him." I understand what this means, hence my question, is this book a kind of successor to American Gods? Is this Anansi the same as in that book? I also read your answer to the question about movie adaptations of popular books. I wanted to know what you thought of The Lord of The Rings trilogy by Mr. Jackson.Cheers, and excuse the typos please.PS Neverwhere remains, to date, my fave.

Good question. As far as I can tell, the Mr Nancy/Anansi in Anansi Boys is probably the same one we met in American Gods, yes. But Anansi Boys is such a different sort of book to American Gods, being, at its heart, even when things get dark, a comedy, which American Gods isn't, that I'm not sure that takes you very far. Anansi Boys isn't the offspring of American Gods. It's more like an embarrassing, but very sweet, distant relative. Possibly a second cousin.

I'm pretty sure that I've talked about Lord of the Rings elsewhere on this blog, so I'll leave it as an exercise for you to find it.

(But if you want to read a speech I gave last year about C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and Chesterton to the Mythopoeic Society, you can find it at