Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blogger may drive me gently mad...

So yesterday I couldn't get the post to publish, and I tried over and over again, without success. And then, half an hour later, without warning, it posted it three times. This evening I wrote a post about three photos. It went:

From my telephone: Robert Zemeckis explaining to me that, as the only one of the three of us with a blog, it would be my responsibility to keep the world up to date on BEOWULF; Roger Avary on the street this evening demonstrating his ability to hypnotise cell phones and force them to do his will; and me (also from my Nokia 6230, photo by Roger). Together, they are the BEOWULF team. (I am, oddly enough, the odd man out, not having any Academy Awards.) Would you buy a motion capture movie from these men?

And then I sent the three photos to a program called HELLO, which publishes them onto blogger. Unfortunately, and oddly, and irritatingly, the only one I could get to publish was the one of me, which rather ruins the effect of posting the caption about the three of us.

But this is Roger's picture of me.


Meanwhile today many messages like this:

Hey Neil,Y'know, you're just cropping up everywhere on the webcomics these days...First off, the good people at Friendly Hostility tipped their hat fleetingly in your direction (the Neil Gaiman shopping trap): And then Something Positive went through some comparative angst: I presume you've been sent these links a couple of times at this stage, but still. Twas worth doing again, just in case:)Oh and hey - happy paddy's day! Elaine

Thanks to all who wrote in and told me.

Neil, I was just wondering what your reaction to Tori's "The Beekeeper" is. In the past, you've normally said something about her albums--even if it's just to mention that you've heard it. I'd like to ask you if you've listened to it. Also, if there was a song you liked particularly, could you tell us that as well? Thanks!Jenna from Marianna, Arkansas

I only got my copy a few days ago (it arrived a couple of weeks back, but I was in New York) and I've put it on my iPod and am getting to know it. Wasn't planning to say anything until I was past first impressions and closer to humming along.

Had a chat with Tori about gardening today, though. Mostly about the names of tomatoes that I'll be growing in my garden.

Question from Philly: What's your take on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? The cast is without a doubt awesome. Sam Rockwell in Welcome to Collinwood was incredible. It's just that sometimes when I first read a book, the characters take shape against the way its described in the story. First profiles, forms, mannerisms, and then an actual face. In the end my Shadow is completely differant than in your book. I start to think how everyone kinda wants their favorite books to become movies just to end up being disappointed(Like Arturo Bandini being played by Colin Farrell). I guess my real question was what do you think of all these book adaptations(ecspecially sci-fi). P.S. Big fan of Mr. Croup

I'm happily avoiding the trailers for Hitchhikers, and am looking forward to seeing it. All adaptations of books are adaptations, and they aren't ever going to be quite the thing you had in your head. I'm really enjoying reading the Mike Carey and Glenn Fabry Neverwhere comics adaptation right now -- it's not the thing I had in my head when I wrote it, but it's a really cool adaptation. Your Shadow may be different from the Shadow in American Gods but given the seven or eight hundred thousand readers of American Gods around the world, I'm sure there are seven or eight hundred thousand Shadows in their heads, and I'm not certain that mine is more valid than any of yours. Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings wasn't the one in my head, nor should it be. I'd love it if in another thirty years some other filmmaker sat down with Lord of the Rings and made a completely different trilogy.

In the end, it's you and the book, and your imagination contributes to the book and makes it live, and makes it unique.