Friday, February 04, 2005

Waking up, blinking...

Sometimes you only realise you were exhausted in retrospect. Yesterday evening, around 9 o'clock, I lay down on the bed beside a young daughter who had decided she needed a goodnight cuddle from a dad who hadn't been home for two weeks. She was obviously really tired. "I'll hug her for a moment," I thought, "and then she'll be asleep, and I'll get back to work." That's the last thing I remember thinking. I woke up 14 hours later....

Lisa Snellings continues her authors-as-rats sequence with H.P. Lovecraft (having already done me and Mr Poe). She's donating a portion of her profits on these to the CBLDF.

And the CBLDF just won the Charleston case where US Customs overstepped its bounds and seized a comic containing Peter Kuper's Richie Rich parody, Richie Bush for infringing copyright. (It wasn't. It was a parody, and is protected speech, as Customs rapidly discovered and, to their credit, have tacitly admitted.) Given the costs of going to trial, it's always good whenever the CBLDF can make things happen without getting to that point.

Several people have let me know about the Chicago cook who makes edible paper sushi and levitates the condiments. Here's the NY Times article.

Here's another Aint It Cool News MirrorMask review.

Charles Vess wrote to remind me to mention that there's a benefit auction coming up for Terri Windling and Endicott Studios, with some wonderful stuff in it. (He and I are donating a particularly cool set of Stardust prints.)

And now I'm going to write some more.