Saturday, February 05, 2005

An astonishingly useful and sensible post

I promised I'd let people know when put AMERICAN GODS (read by George Guidall) and CORALINE (read by me) up again. (They've been down for the last year while contractual stuff was sorted out.)

They're now up -- along with THE NEIL GAIMAN AUDIO COLLECTION (which is also available for download, slightly more cheaply, at iTunes).

(The NEIL GAIMAN AUDIO COLLECTION is the one with me reading "The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish" "The Wolves in the Walls" "Cinnamon" and "Crazy Hair" on it, along with Maddy interviewing me.)

Meanwhile, the UK audio book of Coraline, read by Dawn French, is being broadcast over the next ten days over at (Unfortunately, they don't have the BBC Radio 7 audio on demand thing down.)


Hi Neil, Let me be one of a zillion readers to let you know about the good news from Joe Gordon. He's been hired by Forbidden Planet, gets to stay in Edinburgh, and will even get a higher salary. Joe's blog entry about this:
Forbidden Planet International's site: Cheers _drogheda


Hey, Neil, A bunch of fans out here in California are getting together to do a fun event based (loosely) on some of your _Sandman_ books. Here's the link: It'll be in Hollywood. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by! Best regards, Richard

It looks like fun.

Dear Mr. Gaiman,My name is Thomas and I am 6. I like your goldfish book, my dad has read it to me a lot. I like the boy in the story because he has a sister like me, but I don't have goldfish. I would like some, but I like my dad too. I didn't like the wolf one because it scared me but then I heard you reading it on the CD in our car and I really liked it. My sister cried but I laughed. Now I like the book too. Lucy is really brave.I have one question for you: Who is the Queen of Melanesia? Thank you.Love,Thomas G [as dictated to his dad]

Dear Thomas, She's incredibly important, and is one of those queens who wanders around helping people with the gardening and popping in for short visits and doing the washing up. There really aren't enough of them around, so most people have to do the gardening themselves.