Sunday, December 05, 2004

If I only had a brain (reprise)

You know, I was about to write something about my day, and about the sad black thing I just took out of the oven that was meant to have been a baked apple, and then I realised I had written it all before.

366 days ago, to be precise.

I just assume it's the same phenomenon going on at present. So you should probably read this one instead:

It was bizarrely comforting thing to read about my last stay here, trying to start this book. It makes me feel less useless going through the same thing trying to finish it.


PS: I've heard that people are having trouble with the site -- remember that also exists, is the commercial site, and offers memberships, tee shirts, cool posters (did you know that you can still get the beautiful Craig "Blankets" Thompson screen print poster for the Last Angel Tour I did? unsigned and signed) and lots of other stuff that would make great presents. Hint hint.